Paul Bappoo

Paul Bappoo

Profitable, automated cryptocurrency trading software

15 days online and my first live client!

We can see that profit is currently standing at $474 after a continuous 15 day stint and I’m hoping to keep this version of the software online now, since we are not experiencing any serious crashes.

There have been a few glitches which have been fixable without taking the system down, so that’s good news. Also we ran into some long running trades in the last week, which have now all cleared. However due to that I have made the settings a little more conservative, so that will reduce the annual profit but make it less likely to make a loss if we hit a down trend in the markets.

Continual tweaking of the parameters is the game at this stage, to find a set that works well in most if not all market conditions whilst maintaining a decent annual return, safely.

Another piece of exciting news is that I took on my first live client on a trial period this week, his account is already in profit and it’s helped me to decide on a model where I can take on a few people into the system. Currently I will offer a hosted and managed solution, whereby you can set up your binance account and I will point a trader server at it. Costs subject to negotiation, how much investment you have to put on the markets and the cost of hosting an AWS server for your config.

Let me know if you are interested.