Paul Bappoo

Paul Bappoo

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I’ve been working in enterprise software, with a focus on accounting and integration since the 1980’s, I’ve worked in many sectors, including defense, insurance, oil and gas, power generation, retail, facilities, construction and leisure and I’ve touched upon most aspects of business software. It is a passion of mine to enable businesses and individuals to do more with technology and I’m always open to having a chat about that topic.

Having traveled the world implementing systems for major international corporations, I seem to have finally settled down in Vietnam where I am really enjoying life. Here I still offer consulting services to businesses in the area of software but I also run a social enterprise, where our mission is to help disadvantaged people around the world into sustainable long term employment.

You can check out that organisation here:

I have also written several books on software and digital marketing, a quick search of Amazon for my name will show you those.

In my lifetime I have seen us go from not having computers on our desks (yes I started my career before MS Dos and long before Windows) to seeing the majority of people having the world’s information at their fingertips on a pocket sized device. For me this is truly an amazing situation and I believe that the democratization of information with the technology we have available today will play a massive part in creating an equitable, fair and peaceful global economy.

With this web site I hope to engage with a small number of people, probably no more than about 200, to create a community of people who make money from cryptocurrency trading, but using the democratizing power of technology to enable that without forcing people to have to learn all about trading and tech.

Feel free to contact me anytime – details are on the contact page.