Hi, I am Paul Bappoo and as you may have already guessed, this is my personal web site. On here you can find books I have written, photos I have taken and other random thoughts I have had.


If you are a reader of one of my books, then you have my heartfelt thanks for buying the book(s) and I hope they have been of benefit to you. You will find additional chapters and content downloads in the relevant section of this site, enjoy. You will need to register, using the menu on the right, this is free and will give you an account on Bappoo.com.



I can usually be found bothering people by shoving a large camera into their personal business and generally getting on everyones nerves, or trying to get into places I shouldn’t be, “just to get the shot”. I don’t really do anything commercial with my photos, as it is just a hobby, but but if you do find something that is the perfect must have for your next project and fancy paying me off to use it, then there is a chance I could be persuaded!


Occasionally, and it is occasionally mind, I have a thought that is sane enough to let out of my head, to run free in the big, wide world. Most of them have been corralled into this little area of the site, so if you do see any running around, please push them back in this direction.

Thanks for stopping by.

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