Photographing Vietnam

Visiting Vietnam? Limited Time?

Learn exactly where, when and how to take and post process this stunning shot of the Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) skyline. Many other shots also included (see below).



I am currently living in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and run the Saigon Photographic Meetup group. I also have a passion for finding great locations to take shots of this eclectic city from. If you are visiting then you may not have time to find the ideal spot to get shots like these, so I have created this guide to show you exactly where and how to capture these images.

In this exciting photography adventure guide I show you:

  • How to reach the location by public transport (Uber or taxi)
  • The best time of day/year to visit the site to take the included shots
  • The equipment that was used to take the shots
  • The camera settings you will need
  • My description of the shots from the photographers perspective
  • Contact info for the models used and roughly what you can expect to pay if you decide to do the model shots
  • Contact info for personal guides if you want some assistance and roughly what you can expect to pay
  • Advice on how to stay safe with your equipment in Saigon

What you will need:

To take these shots you could use any camera and get similar images, however, ideally you will wan tot use a DSLR Camera with a long exposure function, your kit lens (in the region of 18 or 24 – 55 or 105 should be sufficient and a sturdy or weighted tripod. For the additional model photo shots, a flash or large aperture lens is recommended in order to obtain a fast enough shutter speed to avoid blur.

Additional images included in the package and from the same location:

Once you get to the location there are other stunning shots you can take and these are all included in the package at no additional cost

Phuong2 Phuong1 Bridge_tonemapped Under Trails Bikes



















































The guide is provided as an e-book in pdf format, so once you order you can download it directly to your laptop, tablet or phone and take it with you to the location.

The location is no more that a 10 minute taxi journey from the centre of Saigon (Dong Khoi  street) which will cost around 3 USD.

To buy my guide and download immediately click here:

Only USD $1.97

Please help – if you are not interested in this offer please tell me why?


Any questions? Email me Here






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