BIRT for Beginners

This was my first book on BIRT. It it very much an introductory guide, looking at how to get started with BIRT and giving an overview of what tools are available in the open source product versus the Actuate commercial product. As with all my “For Beginners” guides, it uses simple examples with easy to follow screen shots that have you up and running and producing useful results with the software in a single day.


BIRT by Example

Following on from BIRT for Beginners this book looks at some of the more advanced topics and use cases that you may come across with BIRT. In this guide I take you through actual examples that I have built whilst either just experimenting with BIRT myself or deploying reports for actual clients.


BIRT for Maximo Self Study Workbook

If you are using BIRT in a Maximo environment, then rather than go on expensive and time consuming courses, simply follow this guide and in 2 days you will be able to work modify and create reports for your Maximo system. Used worldwide by leading companies the BIRT for Maximo Self Study Workbook is breaking down the barriers of the new Maixmo report writer.


SAP Business Objects Dashboards for Beginners

Taking a look at different ways of liberating your data from the database and putting it in the hands of the users, this guide looks at how to create interactive Flash based dashboards over any database using a combination of the Flynet Data Connect product and the SAP Business Objects Dashboards software. Not just for SAP, now you can create amazing dashboards over any software! This is in my “For Beginners” series so will have you from zero to hero in a single day.



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