Paul Bappoo

Paul Bappoo

Profitable, automated cryptocurrency trading software

Day 4

The software crashed again overnight last night, but I see this as a good thing, since it is allowing me to soak test it, eliminate issues and ensure that the software is able to recover successfully after a crash. This one turned out to be because of an error connecting to Binance. I was able to add some code around that action to stop the system crashing and retry the connection on the next minute run, which seems to be working OK.

In the screenshot above we can see that the number of days online issue is resolved and in this configuration the system seems to be running at around 0.5% daily profit, so around 180% per year. This leans heavily on the max drawdown not getting too high and so far we can see that it’s used less than half the available balance, but it remains to be seen if this keeps up in a number of different market conditions.

We can also see the XVS trade here demonstrating the DCA functionality very well, the price tanked after the buy, but the DCA has been tracking it and so we will see how long it takes to sell off.

Heres a snippet from a trade that was placed on Alpha overnight. This one worked perfectly and is what we are shooting for ever time. The red arrow shows where the trade was placed, the blue arrow shows where the system would have bought more had the price fallen and the green arrow shows where the system sold, given that the price pretty much went straight up in the next few minutes.

Finally, I have opened a bug tracking section on the web site, so you can follow along with progress, report issues if you join the beta test, request features and look at past issues and how they were resolved.