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Paul Bappoo

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Day 5

This is day 5 of the new restarted routine and we had some issues over the last few days. Firstly, I managed to get my test server and live server both running on the same (live) Binance account and before I reaslised what was happening the system eroded a full days profit. Since we are only 5 days in to the run, this has really messed up the annual projections, which are based on averages.

Also, I found a bug in the routine that figures out which coins to trade. It was supposed to be only looking at the previous days data, but in actual fact was looking at a months worth of datw. Worse than that it was suddenly failing the check on the number of trades each coin had made. This happened becuase we switched over from November to Decemer and the system was not taking into account the difference in the number of days in each month!

Well, the good news is that those issues are all fixed now and I am working on a new routine to perform a more accurate volatility check on the coins at startup and in teh 1am refresh, so once that is done, I’ll be resetting the counters and hoping that we are pretty much at a release candidate.