Paul Bappoo

Paul Bappoo

Profitable, automated cryptocurrency trading software


The software uses a combination of trading methodologies, coin selection based on volume, history and and volatility. Percentage price oscillator over multiple time frames, MACD. DCA to ensure profitability under most conditions. 

The software has been tuned to run $20 trades and survive a 50% market downturn, so you need $1000 to get started.

We rely on Binance to guard against hacking. When you setup your keys on Binance it is important to ensure the setting to not allow withdrawals is set and to ensure that Binance will only respond to signals from your IP address. It is also important to configure two factor authentication to your Binance account.

For trading the methods mentioned above will ensure that a low risk trade strategy is in play. There is always a risk and we cant mitigate it but this is a relatively low profit (30-40% per year target) strategy, with a lot of built in safety.

Please verify this information with Binance to feel comfortable that this security is sufficient for you.

All you need is a Binance account with $1000 loaded and a machine or cloud server on which to run the software.

For early adopters I will help you get up and running personally, just connect with me by email or Whatsapp. See the contact page for details.

The software is currently showing between 30-40% return on capital in a year. This is not guaranteed, just a figure based on our own testing.

Any other questions, please contact me using the details on the contact page.