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Paul Bappoo

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Happy New Year!

So here’s to the century starting to behave itself now it’s come of age. Welcome to 2021 and whilst theres not much I can do about the state of the planet, I hope theres something I can do about my personal finances and those of family, friends and some total strangers.

In order to deploy the trading software for multiple people, it’s going to need to be installed on a remote server in most cases, so it can run reliably, 24/7 and that server needs enough power to be able to get through the 1 minute market scans, indicator calculations, trades and charting before the next minute starts up.

I had some difficulty with this on my development servers (AWS, 4GB RAM machines) when the system got into lots of parallel trades, things seemed to slow down considerably. However with some tweaks to the software this holiday period and compiling it to an EXE, I’ve been able to run it on a 1GB AWS server successfully, only peaking out the processor for short periods of time. This server config only costs 12 USD per month from AWS and with the software currently capable of making about a 10% return monthly, that means that even in a bad case at half of that, say 5% per month return, then with a 1000 USD starting balance, the system should be able to return a minimum of 50 USD a month.

This is why I think that around 5000 USD is a good starting capital for this system, yielding between 250 to 500 USD a month, which will easily pay the lower server costs, allow some for my management time and the bulk for the investor, so with this information and results to hand it looks like I’m approaching a model that I can use for deployment to clients.

Happy 2021 everyone, I wish you a healthy and prosperous year ahead.