Paul Bappoo

Paul Bappoo

Profitable, automated cryptocurrency trading software


This software is very new and so pricing has not been established yet. I am happy to release a trial version to up to 200 people at this time, which will paper trade (i.e. trade with pretend money) and not charge for the software, however you will need to provide your own hosting.

In the future I would imagine that around $50 per month is likely to be a competitive and reasonable fee for the software and if possible I would like to work out a model where subscribers only pay a small percentage of their profit to use the software and don’t pay if the software fails to make a profit.

Why am I limiting the number of users?

The software algorithm will be the same for every user who uses this version, so in other words every user’s instance will make the same trades on Binance at the same time. There will be a point at which this amount of trading will affect the market and I don’t know how many users and how much trading volume that will take, but I will be monitoring this to ensure that it doesn’t get to that point. Obviously if it did start to affect the markets, then that would be bad for the algorithm as it would end up fighting with itself.

In future versions I intend to introduce parameters which can be tuned by the end user, but still keeping the software simple to use, then I will be able to bring more users onto the system since different user’s parameters will ensure that there is a large variety of timing within the trades.


This software is still in beta, so if you like it and want to trade with real money, then we will need to have a chat and work out what is reasonable and the risks involved.