If any one coin exceeds budget availability then stop buying new coins until that situation no longer exists.

The system maintains a budget of 1000 USD for each coin in active trades, with a trade size of 50$ per trade, meaning that it can trade up to 20 times on any given coin (i.e. can accomodate a 20% fall in price).

Occasionally a coin will drop by mmore than 20%, so we need to reserve more budget for those instances, so we can chase the proce downwards and turn the loss into a profit.

In this case we should do two things:

  1. Prevent openign new trades on any other coins which are not already in active trades, so we preserve budget from other coins to be able to buy more of the losing position. This also prevents us getting into further trades if the whole market is on a significant downtrend.
  2. Open more trades on the losing coin, by analysing it’s % peaks and troughs, buying the troughs and selling the peaks, in order to assist the original trade to trade out of its position.
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