When the system starts up it runs through all the coins available on Binance, selecting those to add to the tradeable assets table, i talso ensures that any coins currently in active trades are added, even if they no longer meet the selection criteria. If the user limits the number of coins using the parameter and the system selects more tradeable assets than the user has specified, the list of assets is trimmed to the user defined value. If any coins which happen to be in active trades are in the section that is removed, they will not be loaded and eligible for trading, so orphaned trades will exist.

This issue has been resolved by the removal of the limit on the number of coins which can be traded. There is no need for this limit and in fact it makes the system less profitable when the limit is in place. The system is most profitable when it has many coins to choose from and can dynamically reallocate budget to any coin that is in a position for a successful trade – in short it means it gets to do more trades.

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