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Paul Bappoo

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$1000 in 30 days, YAY!

I’m delighted to be able to post this, I wasn’t sure if it would quite make it, but the trader has managed to generate 1000 USD profit in 30 days of continued running, with a starting balance of 7000, so a very pleasing result indeed.

Happy New Year!

So here’s to the century starting to behave itself now it’s come of age. Welcome to 2021 and whilst theres not much I can do about the state of the planet, I hope theres something I can do about my personal finances and those of family, friends and some total strangers. In order to deploy …

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Latest Screen Layout

I’ve made some modifications to the screen layout this week, so this article is going to explain the active trade screen layout and a future article will explain the home screen layout. Firstly note that the top and side bars are always present, it’s the content appearing to the right of the side bar that …

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Busy Week!

It’s been a busy week in the land of crypto trading. Prices have fallen overall so it’s been good to see how the system has performed in this market. Also there have been lots of niggling issues with the trader and profit calculator which have been worked on. Plus I added functionality to pull back …

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Day 5

This is day 5 of the new restarted routine and we had some issues over the last few days. Firstly, I managed to get my test server and live server both running on the same (live) Binance account and before I reaslised what was happening the system eroded a full days profit. Since we are …

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Day 8

It’s been a few days since I posted, there’s been lot’s of activity in watching the software running and ironing out bugs as they cropped up. You can see a history of the bugs and fixes plus some ideas that have come to mind for future development in the issues section of this site. For …

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