Paul Bappoo

Paul Bappoo

Profitable, automated cryptocurrency trading software

Day 4

The software crashed again overnight last night, but I see this as a good thing, since it is allowing me to soak test it, eliminate issues and ensure that the software is able to recover successfully after a crash. This one turned out to be because of an error connecting to Binance. I was able …

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Day 3

The system has been running for 3 days now without any crashes and it’s showing an annualized percentage profit of 161%, which is excellent, much better that I had hoped for. However note that the settings are in a medium risk mode rather than a low risk mode in this test, which yields more profit …

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Day 1

It’s day 1 of having the software running without crashing every few minutes. It’s been hard going during the development, but I seem to be getting there now. I’m running this in paper mode at the moment with a balance of 10,000 USD. So far it’s been running for almost 24 hours and is showing …

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